Hartford Force Main Replacement Project

The much anticipated replacement of a section of sanitary sewer force main piping between Route 38 and Union Mill Road has begun. As many of you may recall, there have been numerous breaks in this area over the past several years. With each break, there were traffic interruptions as well as water use restrictions that at times, lasted for several days.

With each repair, it became obvious that the extent of pipe corrosion was such that additional breaks and spills were likely and that pipe replacement was necessary. This pipe replacement project took over a year of planning, design and permitting as this section of main is the primary transmitter of wastewater in Mount Laurel (over 80%) or approximately 3 million gallons of wastewater per day.

In order to complete the $3.2 million replacement project, Hartford Road will be closed to thru traffic between 6th Avenue (near Route 38) and Union Mill Road beginning at 9am on September 29, 2017 thru January 2018. Final road restoration will occur in spring 2018 with rehabilitation of the existing piping (for backup transmission) approximately one year later.

We coordinated this project with local agencies including school transportation, police, fire, EMS services, public works, etc. to ensure a transition that is as seamless as possible. Access to the Larchmont Animal Hospital located 206 Hartford Road will be permitted at all times from the Route 38 end of the project.

We realize this construction and roadway closure will cause inconvenience for many in the town and for that we apologize. Our end goal is to have a more reliable and resilient sanitary sewer system for the community of Mount Laurel and Mount Laurel MUA customers.