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“Mt. Laurel MUA is proud to offer Public Education Tours and Presentations”

If your group, school, church, scouts or other organization is interested in learning more “first hand” about the operations of the Mt. Laurel MUA, please consider scheduling a presentation at your location. For a more up close look at how your water and waste water is handled, contact us to set up a tour of the Mt. Laurel MUA Facilities.

To arrange a tour or presentation please email Mt. Laurel MUA.


Seneca High School

Seneca High School - Environmental Sustainability Class Tour January 22, 2016

On January 22nd, twenty-two 10th Grade Engineering Students and their teacher from Seneca High School toured the Water and Sewer Facilities. The students were attentive and asked good questions. Thank you to all the participants for making the tours fun and informative.

Cherry Hill Boy Scouts - Water Treatment Plant and Solar Facility Tour – June 16, 2015

Elementary 3rd Grade - Water Treatment Plant Tour – June 11, 2015

Mount Laurel Green Team

Mount Laurel Green Team – Sewer Plant Tour – June 3, 2015

Cherry Hill Boy Scouts – Sewer Plant Tour – May 5, 2015

Drexel Fluid Mechanics Tour – February 23, 2015

Email received on February 24th
“What can I say? A million thanks for inspiring yet another class of mechanical engineers, and giving them more tools for their tool box”.
Roger J. Marino PhD, PE,
Associate Teaching Professor
Drexel University


Water Science School

Water Science School – an interactive center to learn and teach about Water!

Kid's Environment Kid's Health

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages The NIEHS Kids Pages are an educational resource for all ages.